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Сегодня 27.04.2017

Шокирующие кадры избиения морских млекопитающих.


You would think that the first world countries in Europe such as Denmark would never succumbed itself to i killing dolphins and whales just because its a tradition? How barbaric are these people? Well lets just say that upon my research of this infamous tradition, I stumbled upon tons of sites that tackles this horrible massacre of the whales and dolphins, and take note “WITH PICTURES” (Read: horrible graphics). When I first saw the pics I thought it was a hoax but upon reading articles about it on credible news sites, I can’t believe my eyes that this barbarism is happening in another country, which is far more progressive compared to ours. I, one time shed a tear upon looking at the pics because it was really horrible. The people look on, saying nothing, as if it was some kind of entertainment or a circus to behold on to. The worst, there were children everywhere. I previously wrote about a series here in Brother Sun, Sister Moon which featured extinct animals caused by mans’ slaughtering and hunting. Well I guess it won’t be long till the pilot whales of Faroe Island would be seen only in pages of books. Take a look at the pictures after the jump, its really horrible














The owner of this photograph (above) posted this pic on his flickr account and seems to be proud of his achievements because he even justified that people are going and commenting on his photos because they are fantastic. What this amateur photographer doesnt know is that he is being branded by people all over the world as sick, insensitive and barbaric just like most of his fellows in Faroe Island are. Hi is totally clueles just like his fellow islanders. I dont know what  this photographer will feel like if instead of blodied whales lying on the shore, its their own ghastly bodies that are slaughtered to pieces… FYI, this photograph was forwarded to me via email… and the man who claimed I posted this without permision is as deluded as his tradition! This photo is taken by Adolf Hitler! LOL


Why are they Killing the Whales and Dolphins?

Whale and Dolphin hunting has been the tradition of the inhabitants of Faroe Islands (located in Denmark) since the 10th century. And most of the descendants of the medieval whalers have passed this tradition from Generations to Generations. For the record, there are 17 villages in the Island that have these kind of scenario every year which are authorized to conduct such massacre. After killing the whales in methods so gruesome, the villages part take the meat of their hunt and distribute them among the inhabitants. And because sometimes meat are abundant, some carcasses of the killed whales and dolphins are laid to waste and rot over the shores. The inhabitants use the whale meat for food because it is one of their staple diet. But recently, a law was passed in the area stating that whale meat consumption must only be once every two weeks because of high levels of mercury, insecticides and other poisons contained in it.

This Tradition has met worldwide outrage and criticism that even Greenpeace Activists tried to stop this from ever occurring again. But the islanders insist that the outsiders doesn’t know the implication of this tradition to their identity and culture as Faroe islanders. Activists however argued that during the medieval times, Faroe islanders have shortage of food compare to this time of ours that food is abundant already in the Island and that using tradition as an excuse for the slaughter of these gentle animals is truly unacceptable. If they were sharks, I don’t think they stand a chance in staging such massacre. I am reminded by this of primitive Mexico prior to the apparition of the Virgin in Guadalupe, wherein people are sacrificed on the altar and their hearts taken from their bodies as a “traditional” sacrifice to the serpent god. The only difference between Mexico and Faroe Island is the time and era. But practically they have the same kind of barbarism in their blood.

Being a Franciscan at heart, we were taught that all animals are our brothers and sisters and that men should show love for all things and creatures created by God. If St. Francis were alive today, he would probably preach on the shores on Faroe island with whales and dolphins as his listeners. For truly, Faroe islanders are more bestial than the gentle beasts themselves.

BTW, I forgot to mention, newly born and baby whales and dolphins are also not spared from this massacre.

OTWOMD condemns these foolish traditions and acts of atrocities towards animals.





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